My Tardigrade Book Hit No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon

And – I’m celebrating by making the Kindle Version FREE on Black Friday – 28thNOV2014 through CYBER MONDAY 01DEC14.

Get it FREE here during those days.

Tardigrade No. 1 Best Seller 25NOV14

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A Most Convenient Solar Eclipse

Here is my shot taken tonight of the partial solar eclipse.  We only got a little bite out of the cookie here in Virginia.   The eclipse was conveniently at sunset, so I had time to pick up dinner, get home, unpack, and then go outside with my camera and take a few shots.

I’m leaving some lens flare in the photo because it lets you see the giant sunspot in the lower half of the sun.  That’s not dust.

1000-20141023-23OCT14-Partial Solar Eclipse-Mike 024_4290L

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A Most Convenient Lunar Eclipse

At a decent hour, in my front yard, with fairly clear skies and comfortable temperatures.

1000-20141008-08OCT14-LunarEclipse 055_4242Eclipse

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Ireland Photos Now Uploaded

See the pictures here:

Ireland2-MikeCausewayArea 812

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Lightning Storm Photos

Check out some cool photos I took of a lightning storm.

Basically, I was able to stand outside without getting wet.  The storm was above and out to the West, but no rain at all.   I just snapped away.  My exposure setting was 1 second each frame, at about f8.

Have a great day !

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm

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I need your vote in this INDIE RECON book cover contest

This gallery contains 1 photo.

CONTEST ENDED – AND THANK YOU ALL WHO VOTED !! Please vote for my book cover on this site.  What’s good about it? Especially designed to meet the concept and demographic.  Nerdy but not too nerdy – guy and girl … Continue reading

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Some Nice Haiku

After struggling to write Haiku for over a year, having limited success and a few published here and there, I’ve given up this challenge which few people know is a full time job.  To write good Haiku, I had to work on it full time all day every day.  That’s just me, though.

For others, maybe it comes naturally.   I do love, however, reading Haiku, and I figured you know what?  Let me share some of my favorites.   So from Frogpond Volume 37:2 Spring Summer 2014 – here are a few I really love…

the cat’s ear
catches the sound
that i miss

Joe D. Proctor, Louisville, KY


estate sale
Dad’s only bowling trophy
in the freebie box

John J. Dunphy, Alton IL


still watching me
with her knowing look–
my childhood doll

Gwenn Gurnack, Boston MA


all those stories
bound together
rag rug

Barbara Snow, Eugene, OR


bend in the river
the old man walking
one less dog

Els van Leeuwen, Sydney, AUS


origami birds
some of my childhood
in the folds

Stephen A. Peters, Bellingham, WA



Well, I hoped you like today’s selection.  Those were just from the first 15 pages of 58 pages from the generous publication of Frogpond.

Feel free to comment below or share your own Haiku.  If you like Haiku, you really might want to consider joining the Haiku Society of America, or at least going to their website and looking at back issues of Frogpond.   My favorite book about this Zen poetry and with lots of incredible Haiku is The Haiku Anthology.

Have a great day !



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For Nerds Only


WORD NERD – This game book is something you can share. It’s a new game you’ve found that is not a game, not an app – it’s a book. And that makes it cool.

You can play your interaction strategy as social or educational, and actually help the other person who is shy feel a part of your group. Making another person feel included is the best way for you to make friends yourself.


This book is ideal for those who are interested in learning more about the various wonders of the world that are often above us. It’s really amazing how many different things there are! This includes animals, different landmarks, nature, history and much more… It is also packed full of great pictures that accompany each one of these facts.
If you like working out a good riddle… you may want to check this one out.
-Steven J.

The book is packed with riddles that give you an interesting science fact when you reveal the answers. The riddles are perfect for kids that want to learn more about how the world around them works. They cover such a wide range of topics that you begin to realize how much science is literally everywhere. Perfect for kids and young adults.

This book is a really cute idea. It has beautiful pictures and interesting facts. The poems/riddles are easy to guess for adults but will give kids a challenge and keep them engaged. The riddles will be fun to guess for probably the preteen age, small kids may find them hard. I love that after each riddle you get to read some really interesting facts. They are well written and easy to understand which is great for any level of reader/age. The navigation was a little bumpy as sometimes the spot to ‘click to continue’ was instead on a separate page that I had to scroll to using thumb swipes. I’m not sure though if that was the book or because I’m using a kindle reader app for the iPhone. Overall a great book full of interesting facts and awesome pictures!


Remember- this book is not a book. It’s not even a Kindle book per se. It’s a game book, because it is interactive. You have to click on the links to see the answers to the riddles. The answer is a picture that motivates discussion, an image which will start a real conversation rolling.

If you like them, please write a review in Amazon. That is always much appreciated.


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