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  • DID YOU KNOW that there is a kitchen utensil that is perfect for making Rheinberg center stops?
  • DID YOU KNOW that one of the best materials for making high quality Darkfield filters is probably in your basement or garage right now?
  • DID YOU KNOW you can make a complete set of Rheinberg filters AND a set of Differential Interference Contrast (DIY/DIC) filters for less than $10.00?

For over a decade, the author has made microscope filters for universities around the world, for the Mayo Clinic, for professors, industrial scientists, hospital researchers, doctors and veterinarians on every continent, and for amateurs as well.

This book reveals all of his secrets! In addition to the main topic of Rheinberg Filters, covered are polarization and oblique filter making, which adds to the repertoire of microscope contrast techniques. The book also lists many resources for products and related references about microscopy.

Loaded with over 144 photos and illustrations, this book explains every point, every nuance of this art. You’ll learn how to get stunning results with every subject.
Included are bonus chapters showing the reader how to make a microscope camera adapter, and even a nice wooden filter case.

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Through a Microscope
Truly a classic in microscopy because it was written in Boston when the household water supply came from the Cochituate Aqueduct. An experiment in the book has one examine tap water. Resulting specimens include water fleas, cyclops,  rotifers,  vorticella,  and more, all amply illustrated. Numerous diatoms, also found in the Cochituate water are also illustrated. This book serves as a  historical benchmark because the decline in cholera and typhoid due to advances in water treatment is one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

Marvels of Pond Life
There are 12 Chapters – one for each of the months of the year, serving as the author’s personal diary of sorts, and which also could be used as a program of study. Written by Henry Slack, Secretary to the Royal  Microscopial Society,  some of the excellent illustrations are by famous microscopist the Hon. Mrs. Mary Ward, although she is not credited in the text. In the back section of the book, however, the publisher does recommend her books, which are now collector’s items due to the quality of the illustrations.

The Romance of the Microscope
The first two chapters give a wonderful in depth history of the microscope–its development and biographical accounts of the early microscopists.  Chapters three and four are about light and the compound microscope. And from there throughout the next dozen chapters the author explores animal and plant life as well as various environments. The remaining few chapters explain equipment, and even how optical glass is made and used in microscopes. With 22 chapters, the plates are a combination of drawings and black & white photos. SECRET UPGRADE BONUSFive Free Bonuses Included! Mind if I overdeliver?  In addition to the above extremely discounted eBook bundle, I’ll also throw in FIVE really cool extras! All included for FREE.
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