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E-Booklets on specialty topics

Each E-Booklet contains dozens of photos and clear cut instructions as well as a detailed list of anything you may need to buy. Note these are E-booklets, not printed books, and are available for instant download.

Archery Basics Starter Guide

In this easy to read booklet, you'll find everything you need to know about archery terminology and basic set up for the beginner. You will learn all you need to know to get off to a good start.

This 50 page eBook, loaded with pictures, is about traditional archery using a recurve or flat bow, and does not cover the more complex compound bow.

How To Make a Bowstringer

Using only a few tools and minimal inexpensive materials, you can make this necessary archery accessory. To use the bowstringer, you bend the bow by stepping on the bow stringer cord.

All measurements and template drawings are included, as well as a complete list of tools you can use. The 29 pages with pictures show how to make use the finished product.

How To Make a Stringkeeper

This E-Booklet is great introduction to leathercraft while you learn how to cut out a template from scrap leather, stitch it, and create beautiful stringkeeper, personalized with decorative beads or feathers.

This 12 page booklet with pictures explains step-by-step how to use an inexpensive leather-stitching hand tool which can be used for other projects as well, such as belt, bag, and shoe repair.

How To Make a Fingertab

This archery project requires the fewest tools. Make your fingertab to your own shooting preference, right or left-handed, whether you shoot three-fingers-under, or two-fingers-under.

This 12 page booklet has step-by-step pictures and instructions. It's so easy to make, you'll want to carry an extra one in your quiver.

How To Make an Armguard

The most critical archery accessory to have, the armguard prevents the string from giving you a painful red welt on your arm. You will learn how to make a hand-tooled work of art and practicality.

This 20 page E-booklet with lots of photos walks you through the whole process. You will find making an armguard so easy that you will want to make several of these as gifts.


Buy the above 5 Archery Books for a Special Price

You get the Archery Basics E-Booklet plus the four guides on how to make a Bowstringer, Fingertab, Stringkeeper, and Armguard. All 5 for $2.99

How To Find Tardigrades

In this starter manual you will learn everything you need to know about finding tardigrades, collecting them, and looking at them through a simple inexpensive microscope.

This 14 page E-booklet shows you where to find tardigrades in your own backyard, in a park, or in your schoolyard. Get started in your scientific explorations right away.

How to Make Rheinberg Filters

Rheinberg filters allow you to add brilliant contrasting colors to your microscope view and photography in a very inexpensive way. Most microscopic specimens are clear, and you need to add contrast somehow.

This 17 page E-booklet with instructional photos, teaches you the Rheinberg method using tools and materials easily obtained at your local office supply store.

How To Make an Outdoor Cat Shelter

This 12 page E-booklet shows you step-by-step exactly how to create a shelter to protect our helpless animal friends in need from the elements.


How to Make a Leathercraft Key Ring

Making a key fob is a great introduction to leathercraft. From a small folded piece of leather, you can stitch together something practical for yourself or a special gift for someone else.

This 12 page booklet with plenty of pictures teaches you everything you need to know. And once you learn leathercraft stitchery, you will want to make all kinds of projects.

How to Make a Leathercraft Hiking Pole Grip

You know you hiking pole can occasionally slip, and the wood or metal can be tough on your hands. Solve that problem with an easy to make leather grip.

Traveling by air? Buy a pole at your destination, and your custom leather grip becomes a well-traveled keepsake of your many journeys.


How To Make a Plant Press

You can use a leaf press, or plant press for all sorts of projects, including crafts projects where you need to press things flat. This 12 page E-booklet is a great starting point for collecting, science fair projects, and for scrapbooking as well.

Wondering what to give a child for a special gift? A plant press is something which can be used and treasured for a lifetime.

How to Create an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

This 15 page E-booklet explains how to make a simple Flash Briefing Skill for an Amazon Echo device. Your content will be read by Alexa as part of the subscriber's Daily Flash Briefing.

The author walks you through all of the steps with plenty of pictures showing screenshots of the simple process.



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