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Thanks for watching my videos. AND I want to say thank you for allowing me to share the one thing that has made the biggest difference in my musical life: my fantastic Jazz course with one of the best players in the world, this Grammy award-winning sax guy whose personal attention has me playing better than I ever thought possible!

Check out this progressive online music school (to be accredited in 2018) and find the teacher who is just right for you.

eric marienthal jazz sax lessons

What I love about this course is that, first, you send videos of your practice session to your teacher.

Then, YOUR TEACHER WILL RESPOND with a personal video critique that includes recommendations for improving your technique and upping your game in the upcoming week so that you see the most improvement.

This has made such a huge difference for me.

Sample a video of the quality teaching for yourself right now. For example, do you want to learn classical mandolin? See all the teachers here...

classical mandolin caterina lichtenberg artistworks

Whether you want to learn blues-guitar, jazz-piano, bass, French horn, you name it, this online school has tons of sheet music and tabs in pdf files for you to download.

AND BEST OF ALL: You can practice with downloadable professional mp3 backing tracks!
Just listen with headphones to this video which I've posted on my profile page at the above music school. Notice the high quality of the backing track:

But most important is this:

FINALLY, I am learning to improvise. I'm moving in the right direction. I'm very motivated.

And this school will most definitely motivate you too. You will practice more, you will focus on exactly the right areas, and you will learn more quickly.

Look, I know I'm not a great musician, you can see that from my videos, but I love playing, I love challenging myself, and watching myself progress to where I never thought I could go. There was a time when I even gave up flute because I literally thought I would never get past a certain point. Then I found this school, started playing again improving way beyond what I imagined. Sometimes I ask myself, "Who just played that?" I can't believe it's me!

I know you are going to find what I found -- that you make faster progress when you create a practice routine that you truly enjoy. Do what I do. You pick and choose what you want to work on, finding just the right combination of exercises, licks, lessons, and songs. Select something that is slightly challenging, but not too difficult, yet not too easy.

You get to pick your instructor who is a professional player of your instrument and in your genre. Bluegrass, jazz sax, classical flute, banjo or ukulele, violin or cello, you name it. They are all at this school. Here is some more of the line-up of the best instructors...

mike block ArtistWorks online cello lessonsOnline blued guitar lessons keith wyattgeorge whitty jazz piano lessonsOnline popular piano lessons hugh sungguthrie trapp electric guitar lessonsOnline bluegrass bass lessons missy raines

Imagine going to the next open mic night in town with your guitar, sax, keyboard or any other instrument, and getting up there and jamming with other musicians with confidence. Can you picture taking a solo and getting a round of applause as the next band member grooves into his or her riff? I've done this several times now, and I feel more confident than ever as I build my performing repertoire after each critique from my teacher.

Now, imagine you too, having a teacher who is 100% focused on getting you to your next level. In the video exchange and the lessons, you can use slow motion and looping to work out every detail.

And the price, it is so worth it. Don't take it from me, but do the math. Go to the site and compare their six-month plan to the price of traditional lessons. You'll get a whole lot more content for a whole lot less money! Compare what you get in terms of videos on theory, lessons, exercises, cool licks, and actual songs -- all tailored to your own pace. Seriously.

Check out what I'm recommending, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hopefully I'll start to see your videos posted in the classroom soon!

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eric marienthal jazz sax lessons

Note: in the interest of full disclosure, I do get a commission from ArtistWorks which helps support my own lessons and this website.
Be sure, however, my intention is sincere in that I truly wish to share my personal progress and help others grow musically.
Thank you for helping support my musical journey.

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