Feeling up to the challenge of making your own Microscope filters?


My book won't simply tell you how Rheinberg works, and merely give you a
couple of hints about making these very special filters. It's not a book
about optics, or light theory, or about microscopy.

My book shows you how to do this! How to make center stops and annulus rings to give you many color combinations.
Look at these salt crystals.
I'll show you how to make bi-colored annulus rings.
And you'll be able to make four colored annulus rings, or overlay bi-colored ones to get these combinations.

I'm offering to you all of my secrets-
my suppliers of materials, the tools I use, time saving techniques, ways to market your filters, and more.
This is a handbook and a start -up business manual as well.

My book not only teaches you how to make filters, but how to set
up an E-Business, and I show you how to build a website, and run a profitable home based business.

For the past ten years, I've made filters for universities around the world, for the Mayo Clinic, for professors, industrial scientists, hospital researchers, doctors and veterinarians on every continent, and for amateurs of course as well.

My book is loaded with dozens of color photographs
and diagrams explaining every point, every nuance of this art.

You'll learn how to get stunning results like these. Learn to make a black center stop which gives you a Darkfield effect, as in this Vorticella.
Learn to make center stops in green, as used for this Daphnia photo.
Here's a violet centerstop and a yellow annulus ring from an arsenal of dozens of colors you will have at your fingertips. Your hydra comes to life.
I'll show you where you can get materials for hundreds of colors of annulus rings, all for under $10.00.


Did you know that there is a kitchen utensil that is perfect for making Rheinberg center stops?

Did you know that one of the best materials for making high quality Darkfield filters is probably in your basement or garage right now?

Did you know you can make a complete set of Rheinberg filters AND a set of DIY/DIC filters for less than $10.00? I show you all the tricks, techniques, and more...

You will be able to see all my resources, references, and suppliers on the internet.

Included is a Bonus Section where I show you how to build a beautiful wooden filter case. I built and sold two of these cases for over $100.00 each. Step by step instructions and photos show you how.

You also get instructions loaded with pictures on how to make a microscope camera adapter.

And yes, of course, I'm also including bonus material on making Oblique Illumination filters (DIY/DIC). These filters give your specimens a 3D effect that normally could only be achieved with a very expensive Differential Interference Contrast microscope.

Here is an example of Diatoms using an oblique illumination filter. These filters are experimental, and allow only a tiny part of the light beam to hit your specimen at an angle. the result is a 3D effect.
Above is a typical set of experimental DIY/DIC filters I show you how to make these filters and how they work.


I'll also show you how to make plant press, for preserving leaves and flowers, and there is even a quick guide to building an objective lens holder.

And I'm going to tell you how to sell your photographs on-line, and in fact, how to sell anything on the internet. And while I'm on the subject of micro-photography (photomicrography), I reveal the three professional secrets of good landscape photography. It's all in the Bonus Section of my book.

Why am I doing this?

Frankly, I'm getting on in years, and I don't have the kind of time I used to have for making and selling filters. I'm kind of hoping someone else out there might be as dedicated and skilled as I have been, and take over this business for me. I welcome it. In fact, I'll sell you all of my equipment and tools. Make me an offer.

But maybe you are just curious. You may not want to make and sell filters.

Then buy a set of filters from me, and you can still buy this book to add to your knowledge.
The price is reasonable enough.

I made sure this book is affordable for most people compared to the price of a set of my custom made filters.

This is a set of Annulus rings. These rings give color to the specimen only - not the background.

My filters typically sell for around $100.00 or more.

This is a set of Center Stop filters. These rings give color to the background only - not the specimen.


There's a saying. No one ever really pays the price of a book, only the price of printing it.

And guess what? If you buy the paperback on Amazon you can instantly download the book on Kindle for FREE.

This is no ordinary book. When you purchase the paperback (with pictures in Black & White), you get an eBook in color for free. You can have it in mobi, epub, or pdf file format. Amazon is set up to give you the color Kindle version for free when you buy the paperback.

That means you can save it on your mobile device, your smart phone or tablet, PC or your laptop computer and read it anywhere.

It's about sharing.
Like I said, my dream now is to see someone else take on the challenge of supplying the world with high quality Rheinberg filters.

I am, in fact, encouraging my readers to set up their own business to compete against me.

And I'm holding nothing back. You'll know that immediately when you read the book.

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