My dad gave me his old Argus rangefinder camera and showed me his portfolio. It was about eight pictures he’d taken while walking around Manhattan on winter day in 1947. Over the decades, I’ve traveled all over the world taking photos first with an SLR, two lenses, and film; now with the latest digital equipment. Lately, I’ve been thinking, though, I might go to Manhattan in the winter and re-shoot my Dad’s portfolio.

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Land Rovers

Yes – I got stuck, when I first rode in a Land Rover. That was back in Africa when I worked at a chimp rescue project. Now I own my second one (a 1970 Series IIA) and spend more time fixing it than I do driving it. (But I do get to write articles about it.) So this is fair warning before you buy an old Land Rover: You WILL get stuck.

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Travel Writing

My travels have taken me to places like Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and all around the USA. Writing articles (and making videos) about these adventures is extends the fun. I’m open to new projects, so feel free to contact me. Latest projects are a video about street musicians in Spain and an article about Pamplona.

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The Message

‘Mike Shaw’ is simply couple of words on a driver’s license. This Mike Shaw is constantly changing, not the same today as he was a decade ago, even a week ago. Hence the name of this website–MikeShawToday.

That said, my personal goal is to give meaning to this precious life, walk in kindness, and perhaps share something entertaining or helpful to others. I do that through writing, photography, and video. And some occasional crazy adventures. Feel free to contact me if you want to collaborate in any of these areas. I’m always looking for new ideas for articles, books, or videos.


Do you have a project idea for me? I’m packed and ready to go.