A man’s life is nothing but an extended trek through the detours of art to recapture those one or two moments when his heart first opened.

Albert Camus

I’ve always been amazed at how humanity throughout history has tried to capture or express ideas, share beauty or spirituality, and strive to make permanent some concept through building, craft or art. Whether it is a carved wooden totem pole or giant pyramid, an assembly of 20-ton stones in a circle, a coliseum or temple, or a cathedral filled with frescoes, I stand in awe and bow in appreciation. For me, a way to get closer to all this is by participation to the extent I can. By attempting drawings, paintings, and sketchbook pages, I get to share my journey of participation in the arts.

Sketchbook Art (Illustrated Journals)

Watercolor Studies

Egyptian Art

Puzzle Pieces of Art

Misc Works on canvas and masonite in oil, acrylic, or gesso

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