My Approach

Essentially, we make an agreement with our fellow humans that goes like, “I’ll believe your story if you believe mine.”

This is okay in order to function in the world, in fact it’s necessary in order to grow up and be a contributor to society. Yet, there comes a time when it is helpful to recognize it’s not the real you and it’s not the real me that we see.

How do you find out who you really are? This website will point you to some of the ways which can allow you to move closer to authenticity. There is a process which can help you shed the things that no longer work for you, the habits which cause you and others to suffer. Liberation can take years or it can be instantaneous. It’s up to you. This pathless path to freedom is called The Perennial Philosophy, or The Way. You have access to it right now. Interested? Find out more…

Mike’s Bio

Here is some background which proves we are changing all the time. We can have a major shift in our lifestyle choices or career based upon something as simple as a conversation overheard, making a new friend, or watching a scene in a movie. The key is to be open to what the universe is offering. In the words of Paulo Coelho:
“The universe conspires to help you.”

Mike Shaw


Career in Import/Export spanning 35 years from management to executive positions. Includes starting a transportation business in Los Angeles specializing in Hazardous Materials, later sold to a larger firm.

Mike Shaw


Studied spiritual and philosophical works. east and west with an emphasis on Zen. Attended talks of J. Krishnamurti and Byron Katie, Studied under spiritual masters at a Chimpanzee Rescue project in Africa. Major Influences include Ram Dass, Ramana Maharshi, Rupert Spira, and Eckhart Tolle.

Mike Shaw

The Arts

Author of diverse books and articles on topics such as Archery, Microbiology, Car Repair, Poetry, Spirituality and Travel. Latest ventures include writing magazine articles and developing content for the Amazon Alexa platform.

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What is the pathless path, the gateless gate, the Perennial Philosophy? What is at the heart of all the major religions and all true spirituality?