Remember – there is no Mike Shaw. This is just a construct created by our family and culture, reinforced by our minds and hijacked by the ego who calls it “me.” Below is proof. We can have a major shift in our lifestyle choices or career based upon something as simple as a conversation overheard, making a new friend, or watching a scene in a movie. This can radically change who we are- to the world.

The key is to be open to what the universe is offering. In the words of Paulo Coelho:
“The universe conspires to help you.”

Yet, in reality there is no “me.” Then who are you? As yourself, who am I? The answer is not a thing, not a concept, but more of a process of discovery.

Mike Shaw


Career in Import/Export spanning 35 years from management to executive positions. Includes starting a transportation business in Los Angeles specializing in Hazardous Materials, later sold to a larger firm.

Mike Shaw


Major Influences include Krishnamurti, Ram Dass, Ramana Maharshi, Rupert Spira, and Eckhart Tolle, and Byron Katie. Studied under spiritual masters at a chimpanzee rescue project in Africa. My understanding is that we make an agreement with our fellow humans: “I’ll believe your story if you believe mine.” This is necessary in order to grow up, function in the world, and be a contributor to society. Ultimately, it’s helpful to recognize it’s not the real you that you see. Liberation from this illusion of self can take years or it can be instantaneous. This pathless path to freedom is called The Perennial Philosophy and is at the core of all religion and spirituality.

Mike Shaw


Author of diverse books and articles on topics such as Archery, Microbiology, Car Repair, Poetry, Spirituality and Travel. Latest ventures include writing magazine articles and developing content for the Amazon Alexa platform.

Mike Shaw


Michael Shaw has a degree in Fine Art from The New York Institute of Technology. His reproductions of ancient Egyptian Art have been sold in the gift shops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and at The Field Museum in Chicago. His life-size reproduction of the north wall of King Tutankhamen’s tomb was acquired by the Philadelphia Museum at the University of Pennsylvania for permanent display. His work has been sold in galleries, as commissioned works, and his commercial art has sold in department stores nationwide. His art and photography have been featured in books, magazines, and on television.

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