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Where Can You Find Archery Answers?

Before you plunk down big bucks for a bow, don’t you want to know…

What are the different types of bows, and how many pounds of pull do I need?

And what about the arrows? Whether you buy arrows from a sporting goods store, archery store, or online, the sales people will all ask you: Which type of arrow shafts do you want, what kinds of points and fletches, what is your draw length? Don’t make the hundred-dollar-mistake of ordering the wrong length of custom arrows like I did.

And, by the way, how do you carry your arrows? In what style of quiver? Have you sorted out the pros and cons of a back quiver, a side quiver and a bow quiver? You’ll also need to figure out armguards, finger tab vs. a shooting glove, bow strings & stringers…decisions, decisions.

BEFORE you start talking to sales people and shopping online for the best deals, I think you’ll want all those bases covered in your head.

That’s why I wrote Archery Answers, a book in clear, no-nonsense language to teach you stuff you need to know and that you can apply immediately. I wrote this book to share with you all I’ve learned. From personal experience I found that we don’t want more confusing information, we only need the right information, the facts that really matter.

Now fast forward a couple of months. You are an archer, a beginner, and you have confidence. Think of the conversations with your family and friends. You’ll be gushing to share your love of archery, and they will want to hear about you and how you are progressing.

People who know you will see you in a new light as capable and knowledgeable… Because you will be, and you’ll feel more confident in ALL aspects of your life. (And by the way, the archery range is a great place to make new friends as well. Like-minded people will be glad to help you and give archery advice.)

Do you want to save even more money by making your own accessories? Yes, you can really make your own finger tab, bow stringer, armguard! Of course you can, and better in quality than the store-bought ones.

Uh oh! After a day of shooting, maybe some arrows will be damaged. (I know from personal experience—it’s inevitable.) How do you repair an arrow if you lose the metal point in a log or when a fletch falls off?  Archery Answers teaches you these critical bits of know-how.

And included are many more techniques, explanations, and instructions, all geared to the beginner. Archery Answers is loaded with over two hundred pictures. Why are all the pictures so important?

FACT:  “Students are more likely to remember information that is learned with a visual aid.”
Beeland, W. “Student Engagement, Visual Learning, and Technology: Can Interactive Whiteboards Help?” (2001).

FACT: “Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and, as such, more easily remembered.”

Archery Answers is structured in a question and answer format to help you learn in a quick and easy manner. Whether you buy the paperback version or the Kindle book, you will find that learning is fun because of this conversational approach. Did you know that when you read new material in a question and answer format it helps you retain information?

FACT:  The Question and Answer format helps students remember more easily: “… it requires students to retrieve information from memory, and such effortful retrieval turns out to be a wonderfully powerful mnemonic device in many circumstances.”
Benefits of testing memory: Best practices and boundary conditions. Roediger III, Henry L.; Agarwal, Pooja K.; Kang, Sean H. K.; Marsh, Elizabeth J. Davies, Graham M. (Ed); Wright, Daniel B. (Ed), (2010).

Here is a 200 page book that you are going to refer to again and again, whether you are setting up your bow for the first time, adding nocks to your bowstring, fixing arrows, or maybe wanting to make another finger-tab out of a scrap piece of leather.


 “I’m new to archery, just got my first bow, and I was nervous about setting it up and using it. I’m glad I found this book which walked be through the basics of stringing the bow and twisting down the length of string so I had the correct brace height. For someone just getting into this hobby, I recommend this book. I made my own arrow measuring tool also.”
L. McCullen

“I am one of the three archery instructors in our local park program. Although this book is not in the format of a detailed course manual, which is what I learned from, I think it would be very helpful to beginners, especially people who never picked up a bow before. As much as I enjoy teaching newbies, adults and kids alike, I imagine that if people came to my beginner’s class having read this book, they would feel more comfortable at their first lesson. If you were completely new to archery I could recommend this book.”
Meryll D

“What a nice beginner book on Archery. I just bought it and my granddaughter (16) is already going through it and asking questions, and making a list of what she wants Mee Maw to buy for her. Definitely a good book for a wholesome hobby.”
Thank you Mr. Shaw.
Mrs. R Carrandi

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