Aunt Germaine

We called her Aunt Germaine, however she was a close friend of my parents and a Master in the Rosicrucian Order. We went to her house in Seacliff on Long Island on numerous occasions, my parents attended the meetings of the Rosicrucians held at the Masonic Temple. As kids we participated in ceremonies at Rosicrucian family gatherings in the local park. We would walk in a line and place rocks on a pyramid we built.

This is a magazine called Rosicrucian Digest, and in the back on page two of the directory, you can see Germaine Tripp listed as Master of our Sunrise Chapter. (Page 42 of this flipbook)

My mom would occasionally share with me the philosophy of the Rosicrucians, some of the things Germaine taught her, and once in a while, under oath of secrecy, she would demonstrate esoteric experiments proving their ancient mystical principles.

In 1956 Germaine and her husband let our family stay at their cottage in The Hamptons for the summer. In the below film clip you can hear my mom talking about her.

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