What we’re about…

Pathless Path is a place where spiritually minded people can share their journey with like-minded individuals. The fastest way to know what we’re all about is to look at our influences page. Another easy way to find out more about us is by looking though our book list. The best way to find out more, of course, is to attend an event in person or online. If what you find here resonates with you, feel free to join one of our online meetings (until we resume in person gatherings–hopefully soon). Check the event calendar.

Get Your Free Copy of
The Four Things Holding You Back
From a Spiritual Life

Perhaps you’ve already had a spiritual awakening, or you may be total beginner just curious about spirituality. You may be an experienced meditator or even a spiritual teacher.

This book is for you because we are all pilgrims on what the author calls The Pathless Path. There are many things which prevent us from living a spiritual life—which translated means living a joyful, meaningful life—which is actually fun!

The author shows you four of these “barriers” in everyone’s spiritual journey. These barriers hold you back from living a spiritual life. Get the book and up your inner work now!

Workshops & Classes

Interactive gatherings are held at our serene retreat setting or off-site to accommodate larger groups. Guest speakers, teachers, and mentors share instruction and wisdom with plenty of time for class participation as well as group question-and-answer sessions. A variety of classes and workshops can be found on the calendar.  We also welcome your suggestions. We’re adding new offerings all the time!


One- and two-day retreats take place on weekends with optional sleeping accommodations on site. A typical retreat incorporates learning and socializing with like-minded guests in a serene environment which fosters introspection and contemplation. Align yourself with others who share your journey on the pathless path. Or try a personal retreat, and explore what life may have to offer beyond your daily routine.

One-on-One Sessions

Often, workshop participants would like a bit more one-on-one time with our teachers.  This is where personal sessions are helpful for guidance towards self-realization. From massage to dream interpretation, energy work to spiritual mentoring, a variety of additions to a retreat or workshop can be arranged on site or at another time and place–even electronically via internet video chat.

Video Exchange Group

This is our special group of pilgrims who have specific questions about spirituality, or who may want to share their progress with others in this group. The concept evolved to make it easy for participants all over the world to interact with each other. You’ll record videos, learn from other members’ breakthroughs, and receive tailored video feedback from teachers and mentors on our team. Questions and answers are shared with all members of the group.