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Mike Shaw
The Space Bear Hunter
Mike Shaw is an author and science communicator. In 2012 he made popular the little known creature called the tardigrade, or water bear, by hosting the video “First Animal to Survive in Space.” The tardigrade is now the most lovable microscopic creature in the world.  Mr Shaw subsequently wrote a series of related science books for students and teachers. My Personal Epiphany…When I suddenly discovered my passion for science, it hit me that I was STUCK in a sales job, so I was unhappy… I began educating myself by reading scientific papers and books on genetics and microbiology. I even subscribed to scientific journals and attended continuing education courses in microbiology to enhance my resume.

Then, I applied for any science jobs I could find–medical tech, lab assistant, and I even applied to work for a scientific publishing company.

But rejection after rejection had me super frustrated. My degree in Fine Art wasn’t helping me. Could I go back to school?
Then, I had an “Ah-ha” moment that brought me the result I was looking for. I discovered this paper on tardigrades, which at the time was a little known microscopic animal. Tardigrades also happen to be the most indestructible animal on the planet.
So, decided to do a population survey of tardigrades in New Jersey, and got it published! 

AND THEN– I took my passion into the classroom!  I did middle-school talks, and saw how interested and excited the students were. One project I did involved giving out slides, and have each student tape a secret unknown specimen on the slide using clear tape.  Then, I analyzed the slides, and presented the results.  The students had a chance to come look through the microscope and see their specimens, AND each student received a booklet of all 26 specimen micro-photographs, so they could discuss them with their classmates and the teacher!   

Soon after those in-classroom presentations, my work with tardigrades caught the attention of Vice Media. I hosted a video for them which went viral with 10 million views in a week. This led to my writing two books on the topic for students and teachers.
I finally felt I’d made a contribution to science and now, I want to share this with you!
What Being a Teacher Would Be Like If Your Students and Their Parents Were Your Raving Fans…As a teacher, you get the best of both worlds.  You effortlessly meet the standards, AND you foster independent study! What parent doesn’t love to see their child doing schoolwork?
The secret of course is centered around the best way to teach on the planet:  CURIOSITY.
What are tardigrades?  Where do they live?  What temperatures can they withstand?  Did they really survive the vacuum of space?  Those are “phenomena questions” that will trigger your storylines. As NGSS puts it – you are “making sense of phenomena to drive student learning.”Meaning that teaching science is no longer just about memorizing facts, but about getting students to ask questions. That process can be called a storyline.

The good news is that you don’t need to do a time-consuming web search to find the answers. Students will behave like scientists and discover their own answers instead of making you spoon-feed content to them. Moreover, you now have professional autonomy and room for creativity in weaving your storyline or collaborating on a storyline based on the theme of tardigrades as a phenomena.
With no additional effort on your part as you go through the lessons, you will know you’re operating within the NGSS framework, and that’s a reassuring byproduct.

What’s another byproduct of these student-centered lessons which encourage curiosity and independence?

ANSWER:  Students have the makings of several good science fair projects in their hands requiring minimal management on the teacher’s part.  Boom!  They’ve connected what YOU teach to the real world!

TEACHERS: Don’t be surprised if colleagues ask you to visit their classrooms and give talks.

I have seen it happen in my daughter’s school. Once you bring tardigrades and microscopy into the classroom, you’re on stage introducing an act, and it’s showtime. Suddenly, it’s standing room only with principal and teachers in the back.
And VIRTUALLY – students will want to do tardigrade projects independently and share videos and photos with your class on Zoom or any platform you use.

Most importantly, it’s all about the students. Can you imagine a parent’s pride when their middle-schooler comes home using words like “Fahrenheit, spore, and ultraviolet radiation?”
And if by chance you ARE A PARENTreading this, think of the conversations your child will have with friends and family. Their friends will be impressed and will want to hear about your son or daughter. Their questions will not simply be about tardigrades, but more like, “How did you get interested in tardigrades?  Did you ever see one?  Do you have any as pets right now?”  Get out the snacks–classmates will want to come over to your child’s house and see a tardigrade!

TEACHERS: The best news is that you will be using my special package of resources designed specifically to save you time and money. Here is a package that provides awesome content you can leverage year after year.

Imagine watching your student explain their science fair project to a judge at the science fair with confidence.  Your students will talk like scientists, not like science students.

Getting students involved in a science fair is the best way to skyrocket (no pun intended) an education leading to college.
Tardigrade research is even perfect for VIRTUAL Science Fairs!Teaching Science Online orIn the Classroom….Just got a Whole Lot easier!!!

Here Is the Tardigrade Quiz & Fact Book Teaching PackageLoaded with Written, Visual, and Audio ContentThis is a 20 Day Program, or a 20 Week Programhowever you want to teach it!
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The Kids & Teachers Tardigrade
Quiz and Fact eBook
This eBook covers the twenty most asked questions about tardigrades. But what make this book special is the answers. Besides the correct answers, the reasons for those answers are explained in terms of the wrong answers. And the wrong answers are also explained.

Why is the book is written in a QUIZ format?FACT:  Quizzes help students remember more easily: “… it requires students to retrieve information from memory, and such effortful retrieval turns out to be a wonderfully powerful mnemonic device in many circumstances.” Benefits of testing memory: Best practices and boundary conditions. Roediger III, Henry L.; Agarwal, Pooja K.; Kang, Sean H. K.; Marsh, Elizabeth J. Davies, Graham M. (Ed); Wright, Daniel B. (Ed), (2010).

The Kids & Teachers Tardigrade
Quiz and Fact Audio Book
This is a very special version of the Quiz and Fact Book, a series of 20 Lesson Tracks. You could play one daily, for a month of school days!
An audio book is a great way to make science content much more meaningful to students. Each set of answers is a springboard to discussion and further investigation. Curiosity sets in motion further exploration of the many topics. This is kindling for the fire of learning.
Your purchase of both the eBook above and this audio book is your license which allows you to share these with the entire class. Students can can keep these as pdf and mp3 files on their personal phone, tablet, computer or Kindle device.

  • STUDENTS LOVE an assignment which consists of watching a fascinating video! Teachers love it too!
  • INCLUDED is an additional resource of curated videos about tardigrade science–the best on the internet.
  • ALSO INCLUDED is a separate curated supply list so students and teachers can save time searching AND get the best deals on everything from tweezers and plastic petri dishes to microscopes, getting the best value for money spent.

Backyard Tardigrade Hunting Online Video CourseEVERYTHING Tardigrades brought together in a five video course. Learn how to find tardigrades, mark locations, store specimens, hydrate samples, FIND TARDIGRADES in the petri dish, the best microscopes to use, how to observe and photograph tardigrades, and finally, how to identify them.

The author takes you on a fun adventure in each episode where the outcome is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and always unpredictable!

The advantages of learning with video?
FACT: “Words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and, as such, more easily remembered.”
And, on this page only, I am including some exclusive bonuses you can’t get anywhere else!Bonus #1Tardigrade Science Lesson Packet
This makes it a snap to provide a comprehensive science lesson based on a natural curiosity about the most extreme animal on the planet. YOU GET OVER 150 PAGES – LOADED WITH PICTURES & ILLUSTRATIONS. Each lesson fosters class discussion and inspires independent study. The result? A collaborative student / teacher relationship, which translates into less teacher prep work! You get 20 solid lessons of long lasting original material with no repeated personal cash outlays to buy individual lessons.

Bonus #2Tardigrade Trivia GameThis one-of-a-kind game helps you reinforce the tardigrade science lesson of the day in a fun way so you can help students enjoy learning, while giving them something positive to tell their parents about.

Yours to Share with StudentsPrintable PDF files allow you to create your own
deck of Tardigrade Trivia Cards using the standard
business card template card stock. This actually allows students to print their own game and play it at home with the family.
Bonus #3How to Make a Plant PressThis eBook and accompanying How-To video teaches you and your students how to build an essential tool for studying nature.  Learn how to easily press and make dried flowers, collect beautiful fall colored leaves, or even make greeting cards! Keep in mind, leaf pressings are essential when you want to describe the environment. Tree identification often becomes a key part of a science project and taking leaf samples is critical to help identify trees. This book gives you a practical utility tool you can use in the classroom or at home for many years.

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