Lancaster, PA

Here is the latest from my sketchbook. I went up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to get my archery instructor certification, and decided to use that trip as an opportunity to add to my sketchbook. In one of the art courses I’m taking with Mattias Adolffson, he suggests doing a drawing from the interior of a car. …

What Is the Purpose of Art?

Rubert Spira explains… “The ultimate purpose of art…is simply this – to reveal the nature of reality.” “A Work of art is an intervention in our normal dualistic way of perceiving.” – Rupert Spira

Fall Festival at Rassawek

Each year there is a local festival at the Rassawek Winery. Here’s my sketchbook painting of the experience. See more of my sketchbook art here:


This may seem like a new topic for my posts, but I wanted to share something philosophical without cluttering up my Art page HERE. For me, a sketchbook seems to serve three purposes. First, it’s a place where I can put to paper visual ideas and try out drawing things I’ve never attempted before, perhaps …