Watercolor Studies

Working in watercolor is a very recent endeavor for me (started Oct 22, 2020), which I’m sharing just to show my evolution in the medium. Why did I start doing watercolors? I had to create some science based illustrations for a course I was designing, and using watercolor seemed the best way to add color to my drawings. But I so much enjoyed the process that I forayed into other subjects, and realized I could actually take great joy in drawing and painting.

The learning curve in watercolors is loaded with progress in every painting. Some of the subjects are copied from my own photos, some from stock photos, others from online art course assignments, and a few from online video tutorials. I’m still learning how to use watercolors, struggling not to approach each work like I’m using acrylics or oils, forbidding myself to use white paint. I have yet to get the real sense of watercolor, and my goal is to progress towards that loose and flowing style which implies rather than delineates. I don’t know how long it will take to get there as I continue to learn about the medium itself.