Wiccan Trees

What can we learn from trees?

Trees have many lessons to teach us. Not only are they the ecological guardians of our planet, a great honor, but trees also have the power to teach an enduring kind of presence made of pure awareness. Wiccan Trees, Our Guardians Speak is a virtual course in metaphysics taught by our royal forests, and you will learn their spiritual lessons through 53 enchanting English quatrains,

Accompanied by over 70 inspirational photographs, this themed poem is specially written in iambic tetrameter (a beat similar to the heart).  Worded in a style reminiscent of the Romantic Era, the message is accessible to the modern reader without obscure references or forgotten historical allusions of the past.

Wiccan Trees, Our Guardians Speak is Writer’s Digest award winning book, receiving first place in the inspirational category. Salamanca brings us a set of insightful and powerful metaphors related to trees. It is also a book which is highly practical. One must ponder on each quatrain to incorporate its wisdom. Some will be easy, some will be very challenging, and you may have to return to some lines of poetry multiple times

This book was written specifically for those who are prepared to go deep into the self via the portal of poetry. This requires giving special attention to every word in the quatrain to extract and internalize the correct meaning.

Here is an example of how to do this work:

In the first quatrain, a tree tells us that it can hear a cardinal’s chirp or the buzz of a hummingbird’s wings by sensing the air vibrations on its leaves and delicate branches. Thus, even without ears to hear, a tree can sense, in its own way, melody and rhythm in these vibrations which resonate within the tree.

A cardinal or hummingbird,
By leaf and twig are clearly heard.
Though wings may vibrate slow or fast,
Their melody and rhythm last.

In the second quatrain, our tree goes further to say it is only the mind which conceptualizes vibrations in the air, calling these sounds “music.” The next line elaborates to say that judgment follows thought when we say we like a song, or a certain piece of music is “good music.” The third line reminds us that trees simply sense air vibrations, which are in themselves neither bad nor good. And the fourth line concludes that the big difference between a tree and a human is that the tree does not define how something should be, or even what it is.   

A thought compelled may call it song,
Thus measure air as right or wrong.
We trees know neither bad nor good,
A no-mind merges “is” and “should.”

This method of teaching is a way of condensing the time between intellectual understanding and true knowing. It’s a strong dose of medicine, so to speak. We quickly begin to awaken to a different level of consciousness, free of prejudice and judgments. We learn to question our thoughts, a skill which is critical to the inner peace which comes from a firmly rooted sense of well-being.

Without this awakening you will be stuck in a world of pain and stress, captive by your own conditioning and society’s rules.


“If you take your time and read through the poems in this book and take in the beauty and depth of the pictures, you should start to see that in each page there is a direct correlation to the challenges and triumphs we each experience in life. This book reminded me so much of one of my favorite children’s books “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. In the Giving Tree, the author takes a child through each step of life through the eyes of a tree. Salamanca does the same thing in Wiccan Trees but from an adult perspective. The photos are breathtaking and reminded me that we all need to stop for a moment and take in the beauty around us. I personally tend to move through life too quickly, this book was a reminder to me that I need to slow down and enjoy every moment.”
–Stone River Solutions

“I love trees. They give so much to our Earth. They combat the Greenhouse Effect, they clean the air, they provide oxygen, they shield us from ultra-violet rays, they cool our city streets and most importantly, they heal. Salamanca has created this wonderful book that poetically delves into what many of us take for granted in trees and nature in general. The poem flows throughout and every four lines we are presented with a beautiful, sharp and colorful photo of nature. You will see trees, various animals, mountains, rivers, the sky and more of nature’s beauty. The photo images complete the book because as you read you can visually see the beauty that surrounds us if only we stop for a second to take a look.”
-Andy T.

“We live in an age detached from the beauty and power of nature, too addicted to social media and our phones. Take a breath and read the beautiful poems, prayers and healings by Salamanca and appreciate the photographs that accompany it.”

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