Wiccan Wisdom

Where Can You Find Answers to Life’s Most Important Questions?

What are you looking for? We all value health, deep abiding love and happiness, safety, and a sense of freedom. All things that money cannot buy.

And investing your money, time and energy in obscure methods does not always yield the desired results. You know this from experience.

So, before you spend weeks or years exploring yet another teaching, please take a deep cleansing breath and pause. Now, exhale.

What if there really is a way to immediately access inner peace? Isn’t it this which lies at the core of your searching? And isn’t it this which is common to all great spiritual teachings?

Often called the perennial philosophy, this was known to mystics and secret schools of the ancient past who had to keep their knowledge hidden. Why? Because the religious hierarchy of the past did not know that the universal teachings you are about learn were the basis of their own religions.

This book is not for everyone. Wiccan Wisdom from Water’s Edge is for those who know that inner well-being is the basis for emotional stability, financial freedom, and healthy relationships.

Twenty-two powerful visual meditations, all focused on a theme, will take you to your next step along the path. The theme is Water. Lakes, oceans, and rivers are made of water as are we, ourselves.

The problem is that our culture teaches us that we are individual ripples on the surface of a shallow lake. Journey now with the author as he shows you how you are part of a greater harmony, the ocean itself.

Wiccan Wisdom from Water’s Edge is inspired by mystical encounters in ordinary life. You too can learn to live as a mystic, which means adding some extraordinary depth to your own life. In this book, Salamanca brings us a set of insightful aphorisms from places at the water’s edge. It is up to you, however, to do the work and allow these powerful visual meditations to manifest in you. Ponder on each page to incorporate its wisdom. Some will be easy, some will be very challenging, and you may have to return to some pages multiple times before your “Aha!” moment.

There is a warning: The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Any single page of this book may change you. Once you go through “The Gateless Gate,” there is no return.

Then you will find yourself referring to the book again and again, whether you are reminding yourself of a concept, simply seeking a relaxing frame of mind before bedtime to transition into a more restful sleep, or using the book to inspire a deep conversation with a friend.


 “This is a beautiful book in two ways. It is a meaning filled book with thought provoking writing and stunning professional photography. There are single page quotes for each photograph. Open the page, read, breathe in the moment and when you do…suddenly you find yourself taking time out of a stressful day. The images and writing have an instant reflective and meditative effect. If you love books with meaning, beauty and universal truths as much as I do..you will love this gorgeous book.”
Katy Brodsky

“I just met the author of Wiccan Wisdom, From The Water’s Edge. I found as I read this short book that I was looking deeply into myself. I found that I was searching through my soul for what I read was touching my soul.
I have recommended this book to others.”

“This collection of photos coupled with poetic fragments of wisdom – makes up a beautiful book. ‘Wiccan Wisdom’ by Salamanca is a journey of internal and external, nature and self. The photographs are magnificent – you only wish YOU were at the locations. My favorite was the entry about ‘free will.’ A photo of autumn leaves -red, green and yellow, floating in a river/pond. Underneath this written gem: “Free will is like fallen leaves, agreeing to be where they are.”
Purchase this book and be taken on a soulful and artistic journey.”
Book Lover

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