The Way… according to Marcus Aurelius

Perform each action as if it were your last, without willfulness, or any passionate aversion to what reason approves, without hypocrisy or selfishness, or discontent with the decrees of Providence. You will then see how few things are necessary to master a smooth-flowing life. Marcus Aurelius.


The Reasons Why

If you are curious as to why I own this classic Land Rover I call “Elsa,” you can read my very personal reasons here. The article is called El Segundo. But if you’d like to know a host of other reasons, more general, that perhaps you might be able to relate to, then watch this …

Now THAT’S a Land Rover

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s iconic green Gastrowagon is up for auction It includes sleeping accommodation, a shower, and a fully furnished kitchen. By Lisa Walden Nov 12, 2020 John Brown 4×4 The iconic green Gastrowagon that launched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV career is up for auction after being fully rebuilt and refurbished. The celebrity TV chef famously used …