17 Ways to Remove a Broken Bolt

As a classic Land Rover owner and enthusiast, it’s critical for me to communicate and get input from fellow classic people. One of my best discoveries has been the online forums, which I’m listing here. These are my favorites, and I welcome your comments below if I missed any important ones.

Australian Land Rovers Forum
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Land Rover Series One Club
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R.O.V.E.R.S. Club
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But a new discovery for me has been the various Facebook groups dedicated to Land Rovering. I say “Rovering” because there is no such thing as simply owning a classic Land Rover without the tending to it, fixing it, and driving it until it breaks.

I’d like to give you below an excerpt from one Facebook group which shows how helpful an exchange of information can be. I’m really glad to have found this group and I’m grateful for all of the good advice. Thank you! And a big shout out to the Series 2A Land Rover Facebook Group quoted here:

Yukon Lam

Bolt broke trying to put the thermostat back on my 2A. Any recommendations on removing it?

Stevenpaul Toms Drill out tap n die if needed (simplest)

Greg Harwood Best option is a reverse drill bit, will probably spin it out.

Paul Bromilow Drill and stud extractor
Get a good quality one from engineer’s supply. The cheap ones are too brittle.

Gasper Malisa Drill it out tap and die to rethread again

Mick Martin Put slot in need screw driver

Justin García Mick Martin if it was raised more, yes quite possible, prolly not in this case…

Andy Morgan Soak it with penetrate and use a left handed drill.

Juragan Besiburuk tack weld using extra bolt that will make it easy

Erik Peterson Drill and easy out is about the only way to remove a broken stud.

Clint Wasserman Ensure a center punch. Then use pilot size drill bit. Work your way up so that the walls of the bolt are very thin but do not drill into the thread. Tap the sides in with a blade screwdriver. Remove bolt. Done it 100 times. Easy outs never work for me.

Justin García I would try a sharp nail punch and try with a small hammer and tap it anti-clockwise loose.

Mark Griffiths Another method if it is protruding slightly is to drop a nut over it and carefully MIG the nut to it. The heat will help and then you can just use a spanner to turn the nut and wind the stud out. Quick and easy if you have right equipment

Timothy Machin I’ve had to drill mine out and weld the hole back up to tap a new thread in

Jonathan Walker Blow touch, WD40. Use easy out

Christiaan Vorster Once it is out retap all 3 of the threads with wd40 always a good idea on the old rusty engines

Christian Thorley Weld a nut on it. The heat from the weld will free it off some times takes a few attempts

Leo Marshall Drill and use right size Tap to remove ! Some WD 40 should make it even Easier !

Jon Peter Fudge drill, heat area with a torch then use an easy out carefully .Use a good penetrating oil. WD 40 Is not a good penetrating oil. Kroil is good, PB blaster is good. But heat is your friend.

Yukon Lam Removed the broken bolt. Thanks everyone.

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