Here’s an update on the classic Land Rover featured in the much awaited James Bond movie.

Bond Edition Land Rover To Launch In Luxury Auction at Sotheby’s

by Beth Lenihan

  • A Bond edition Land Rover S3 has been released following trailers of No Time to Die
  • The vintage rebuild will go on sale by auction at Sotheby’s on 9th September
  • Film fans can view the limited edition online or in person at Sotheby’s Bond Street address
  • The car will be offered in its own dedicated auction, est. £20,000-25,000

In anticipation of the James Bond premiere, a Bond Edition Series Land Rover® will be released for sale by auction at Sotheby’s on September 9th.

Sotheby’s are holding a series of four Luxury sales in September and October to celebrate travel and style. Among other luxury items, John Brown 4×4 has provided a Bond edition Series 3 Land Rover® for the celebrated auction.

With the latest James Bond film finally set to hit screens on September 30th, the auction gives Bond fans the perfect opportunity to experience a slice of 007 action for themselves.

Trailers and clips released for the film show James Bond driving a blue Series 3 in a car chase. These images were pored over by the specialist Land Rover® team at John Brown 4×4, and carefully recreated in this 007 spec vehicle.

Rebuilt by the John Brown 4×4 team, the build incorporates some new parts for easier handling and a smooth drive when racing around on the silver screen, while retaining the vintage elements of the classic 4×4 Land Rover® Series 3 base. The special edition car includes overdrive, which adds gearing options to increase top speed and reduce fuel consumption, and a galvanised chassis, that offers the car additional protection against corrosion. Featuring flared wheel arches, new cappings, vintage plates and defender mirrors, the Bond edition is a true collector’s item for film fans and car enthusiasts alike.

The Bond edition cars have been produced by John Brown 4×4 in very limited numbers since the first clips of No Time to Die aired. They take twice as long to refurbish and build than the standard Land Rover® Series 3, and usually require several months of waiting for the owner to take delivery.

Greg Hendry, Marketing Manager at John Brown 4×4:

“We’ve had great fun building a car so emblematic of British heritage and culture. This limited run of special edition vehicles gave us the chance to build something different.

James Bond fans ourselves, we’ve taken every measure to recreate the Series 3 exactly as Bond would experience it. As the much anticipated No Time to Die hits screens,  we’re looking forward to giving a 007 fan their very own piece of history.”

Keen car fans might have also spotted the Land Rover Defender 2021 in trailers for No Time to Die. John Brown 4×4 have previously compiled data showing that the Defender 2021 is one of the most popular Land Rover® cars – which is likely to only rise further once viewers experience the offroading capabilities this model has through the eyes of Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

The Bond Edition Land Rover will be part of Sotheby’s Life is Beautiful auction. Celebrating the best of European craftsmanship, the sale will include a range of items showcasing Great Britain’s heritage and iconic style. Each category emphasises lauded makers, honing in on a truly luxurious lifestyle. Fittingly, the auction will be held at Sotheby’s Bond Street address, with bidding available online, by telephone, via absentee or in person.

About John Brown 4×4

John Brown 4×4 are the UK’s leading dealer of Classic Land Rovers® and 4x4s. They provide a wide variety of vehicles, stocking the nation’s largest indoor collection of vintage Land Rovers, and catering to each customer’s needs. All Land Rovers® for sale are thoroughly road-tested, have a current MOT and are inspected in-house with a detailed custom inspection.

John Brown 4×4 pride themselves on having an excellent reputation and providing an honest and efficient service to each customer.

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