2016 Come & Play Richmond Symphony Orchestra

It was an honor to play flute with the Richmond Symphony this weekend (along with 720 other guest musicians of all ages). Each Year RSO invites amateurs and students at various levels to play with the orchestra.


We’re given sheet music (8 pieces) to practice about 4 weeks before the concert. So I made a video of me working on one piece and intercut it with video of the actual performance.

My challenge as a barely intermediate flutist is rhythms. So for one section I wrote out phonetically above the notes – DAH- Ha-ta-Tah… DAH- Hata-Tah… and so on.

There are triplets mixed with double eighth notes, and some slurred parts of triplets, so this was my challenge with this cover of Star Wars theme.

Here’s the video of my pre-concert practice with clips from the concert inserted:

Here is the full performance of that Star Wars piece:

A big thank you to the conductors: Chia-Hsuan Lin, Erin R. Freeman, and Steven Smith. This experience of rehearsal and performance with a real symphony orchestra was life changing, not to mention motivating.

Thank you to the sponsors as well and all the staff!

AND – thanks for your indulgence.


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