This is the second Land Rover I’ve owned. It’s almost identical to the red 1970 Series 2A I had when I lived in El Segundo, California.

I named it El Segundo, “Elsa” for a nickname.


  1. Amazing how much people are selling these great old rigs for. Something to be said about simplicity I guess. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks, Gary !
    Now all I need is some good drone footage of me driving across a cool landscape!
    Have a great day and thanks for the comment.

  3. Ha ha! 😉

    Yes, an aerial video of your vintage rig would be great!

    I also enjoyed your tardigrade and followup video. As a child of the SF Bay Area during the 50/60/70’s, I witnessed the benefits of acceptance and try to live it.

    One could say I was bitten by the cartography, photogrammetry/aerial photography bug working for USGS after the Army in the early 70’s. When drones with cameras arrived a few years ago, the universe blessed me with an affordably way to continue one of my life long hobbies. Not having looked at my G+ page in a while, one could say it looks more like an obsession. 😉

    Thanks, keep up your great works!

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